The Love Irrigation Warranty

The Love Irrigation warranty is given to customers who have purchased a new system or who have received a service repair on their existing system. The Love Irrigation warranty is limited and begins on the completion date of the installation or repair.

Love Irrigation Inc. is a trusted leader in providing irrigation, drainage, lighting, mosquito misting, and backflow prevention device installation. We focus on quality in our services and products, and in our professional installation.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We fully support and stand behind our products and services.

We provide a 1 year limited warranty on all workmanship of new irrigation installations.*

We provide a 1 year limited warranty on all new drainage installations to include parts and labor.

We provide a 30 day labor warranty on all service repairs.*

All light fixtures and transformers are guaranteed against defects for a period of three (3) years and workmanship for a period of 12 months.*

*The Following are Exclusions to our guarantee:

Damage to the product or system that occurred by accident, neglect, excavations, abuse, or acts of God ( ex. tornadoes). A primary example of neglect is not winterizing your system. We cannot stress the importance of winterization enough.

This guarantee and limited warranty does not apply to any defects or insufficiencies resulting from a decrease in water main static pressure, changes to landscaping, changes to plant growth, and/or increases and decreases in the size of the customer’s lot.

During the warranty period, if another contractor or company other than Love Irrigation, Inc. performs work on the system installed by Love Irrigation, the warranty is considered null and void.

Please be aware that when a repair is made, the repair itself is considered complete. We do not warranty unrelated problems that can surface after we leave.

For maximum efficiency, irrigation systems should be operating during nonpeak hours, when domestic water usage is at a minimum.