Automatic Irrigation System Installation – What To Expect

Underground Automatic Irrigation Sprinkler Installation

Love Irrigation, Inc. has been serving the greater Jackson area since the spring of 1981 with quality products and systems.Automatic Irrigation System

Here are the details:

A representative of Love Irrigation, Inc. will contact you and schedule an appointment to come and evaluate your property. The representative will measure and prepare a written proposal on your new irrigation installation for you. The representative will again contact you and answer any questions you might have. If you accept the proposal, we ask that you sign the contract and submit it back to our office by mail or fax. Our fax number is (601) 898-1318.

Once we have received the signed contract, you will then be put on our schedule for installation. Love Irrigation, Inc. will contact MS One Call for all line locations prior to work starting. Your yard will have painted marks indicating the utility lines. The yard will then be marked out with flags and our men will arrive for the installation. We will use only commercial grade products.  This will guarantee you the satisfaction of knowing what you have paid for, will serve you well for years to come.

We will try our very best to care for the existing grass as we dig and install the lines for the system. After the lines are installed, the dirt will be placed back in the trenches and gas tamped for compaction. We will then rake the remaining dirt and top the trance; this often times leaves a small mound. Once the lower dirt settles, the ground will generally level back in place. You can count on the area to be raked neat, and the driveway and sidewalks swept clean of any construction mess when we complete the job. Sod can be cut and placed down over the trenches for an additional charge. While this is an immediate fix, we often hear of the replacement sod dying in the following weeks/months. We recommend homeowners place seed over the trenches for a lasting solution.

The representative will again meet with you and go over the system and explain the operation of the system. Now relax, the sprinklers have been installed. Love Irrigation, Inc. remains at the forefront of the irrigation industry and is recognized as a Certified Landscape Irrigation Contractor. We will continue to provide the finest service available and adhere to the highest standards. We staff 6 full-time installers and 4 service repairmen that have all had a background check, drug screening, personal references and good manners. So go ahead and raise your expectations, we have!

We are proud of our work but our primary focus remains on providing your home or business with the best in irrigation service this area has come to expect. Please contact our office at (601) 898-1333 or send us an email to schedule a consultation or repair.

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