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Standing Water in the Yard? Drainage Issues?

Is there standing water in your yard that does not seem to go away? Do you have a drainage issue and have no idea where to begin? Standing water in the yard can be a real problem.  It can be very unsightly. Flowers, plants, and grass have a hard time growing. It can lead to foundation problems. Water in…

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Things We Do When Installing a French Drain

We take special care when installing a French Drain in your yard. Before we start we will lay down boards and plywood. Your yard is already wet, so you don’t need a bigger mess! All French drains have a filter cloth sock, wrapped around the pipe. This prevents clogging. Our hand dug drain trench is on average 12″…

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Drainage Problem? You May Need a French Drain?

Are wet areas in your lawn causing it to stay mushy and/or spongy? If so, you may need a French Drain. Here are some questions you can answer to decide if you have a drainage problem: 1. Is there standing water after a rain which takes several days to go away? 2. Do you have dying…

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You Get Quality Service with Love Irrigation

Ever hear “You Get what You Pay For”? But what about Quality Service? You can be rest assured that you get quality service with Love Irrigation. We have been providing the Jackson-Metro communities with quality service and installation in areas of irrigation systems, French drains, landscape lighting, backflow certification and mosquito Mist Away systems for over 30 years. We…

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