Things We Do When Installing a French Drain

We take special care when installing a French Drain in your yard.

Before we start we will lay down boards and plywood. Your yard is already wet, so you don’t need a bigger mess!

All French drains have a filter cloth sock, wrapped around the pipe. This prevents clogging.

Our hand dug drain trench is on average 12″ wide. Out depth starts at 12″!

Components of a French DrainInside the trench, before the pipe or the gravel is installed, we will have a filter cloth placed in the trench, which will overlap the sides and the top.

We use WASHED pea gravel, not large gravel, thus better appearance and percolation.

Gravity is the vehicle for carrying the runoff. So we use 1/8″ per foot of 1% slope for guideline.

Prior to installing the French Drain pipe, we ensure the trench is smooth, level and sloped properly from the beginning to the end.

We keep drain lines straight as much as possible to allow the heavy flow to keep them flushed out.

After a few days or so the area will dry out and at that time sod or another topping may be placed on it by you.