MistAway Systems Mosquito Control that Works!

MistAway Systems for mosquito control and other annoying insects.

Pesky Mosquito - Mosquito Control

Are you looking for mosquito control? Are the citronella candles and tiki torches just not cutting it? Don’t like the feel of all those stinky sprays on your skin? Do you want to be able to enjoy an evening cookout without having to deal with mosquitos? A MistAway System is the solution you are looking for.


What is a mist-away system?
A MistAway system is a defense against mosquitoes and other flying insects. This system consists of small ¼” tubing that runs around the perimeter of your yard. There are nozzles attached to this tubing every 10-15 feet. This tubing can be run in the ground, along a fence, or around the edge of a house for effective mosquito control. A computer inside a metal cabinet is set to run the system at specific times. A remote can also be used for manual operation.

What kind of chemicals does this system use?
The mist-away GenIII+ unit uses a chemical called Riptide which kills flying insects. This chemical contains Pyrethrin, which is extracted from a flower. This is the ingredient for most all effective bug killers.

Are these chemicals harmful to people and/or animals(pets)?
These chemicals are not harmful to mammals; however, they can hurt birds if the birds are directly exposed. It is not recommended that the chemical be exposed to fish ponds either. It can kill the fish.

How does this system operate?
The Gen III+ unit keeps up with the time of day and the day of the week. It can be programmed to operate at specific times and days, whatever works best for you. This computer has a flow meter which detects excessive flow (meaning leaks) or no flow (meaning the faucet is off) causing the unit to give an error message so the system can’t operate. This protects the pump from burning up.

Service Contracts
We offer monthly service contracts. This includes: checking system for leaks, adjusting nozzles, refilling chemical if necessary, and checking the times for the scheduled mist cycles, as well as replacing bad or leaking nozzles.

Service Calls
We will answer to service calls even if we didn’t install the system. We can repair any system.


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