Mosquito Control Made Easy MistAway Misting System

Mosquito Control Made Easy MistAway Mosquito Misting System


Mosquito control does not have to be tough. The MistAway system makes mosquito control easy and worry free. You can let your mosquito misting system work automatically, or you can set, reset, or override it with a handheld remote… and it’ll provide you and your family worry-free, hassle-free outdoor mosquito control.


We will customize your MistAway Mosquito Misting System to fit your yard perfectly. The automatic misting control unit can be placed anywhere near an outdoor water faucet. Mosquito misting nozzles are placed around the perimeter of your property (on eaves of the house, fence, or risers) for a mosquito-free yard.

mosquito control made easyThe controller unit is programmed to automatically run early in the morning and again at dusk, when mosquitoes are most active and other beneficial insects – like bees and butterflies are not.

The fine mist floats a bit, then settles on the grass and landscaping, killing any mosquitoes it comes in contact with.

Most of all, reducing mosquitoes on your property means less health risks and discomfort for you and your family.

So whether you are looking to improve your outdoor living or just concerned about the Zika virus, MistAway can be the easy solution for you.