Outdoor Lighting – Not sure where to start?

Outdoor lightingIt is necessary to first determine what your purpose is for outdoor lighting. This will help determine what type of fixtures will best fit your needs.


Here is a sample of the different types of outdoor lighting:

  • Safety – Perhaps you have a walkway or path with obstacles. Small shrubbery, rocks, steps or low lying tree branches can be a hazard. You may want to light up this area to make it easier for your family and visitors to safely get from point A to point B. Path lights and step lights add style, value and safety.
  • Security – To discourage potential burglars, you want to increase lighting near windows and other areas of entry to your home or business. We have a wide selection of fixtures to choose from.
  • Aesthetics – Showcase an attractive aspect of your home landscape or architectural feature. This is an exciting way to enjoy your home. Softly lighting up a patio or pool area, not only looks beautiful, but it also increases your available hours for enjoyment.

Low voltage lighting systems are safe, economical and energy efficient.

We will be glad to come out to your home for a free estimate. We will discuss your request and make recommendation of design. Contact us for a consultation on your new outdoor lighting installation, send us an email, or phone our office at (601) 898-1333.

Lighting Service Contract

We prepare lighting service contracts on an individual basis.

Because everyone has different size of outdoor lighting systems, each home or business deserves to have a contract specifically written to serve you.

We will be more than happy to talk or meet with you and discuss a service contract for your residence or business. Fill out the form below for an estimate on your new lighting installation, send us an email, or call us at (601) 898-1333.


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