Rain Bird ESP-Me Series Sprinkler Timer:

Sprinkler Timer – Includes models ESP-4MEi, ESP-4ME

Are you a “Do it Yourself-er”? Do you just want to know more about your sprinkler timer? We at Love Irrigation know that operating the Rain Bird Controller can be a bit overwhelming. Here are few things to help you out:

Frequently Asked Questions and sprinkler timer ESP-Me_smTroubleshooting

Why does my Rain Bird ESP-Me Controller run through all my stations, stop and then start watering all over again?

How can I clear all the programming and reset my Rain Bird ESP-Me Controller back to the factory default settings?

Why is my Rain Bird ESP-Me Controller watering double the amount of time that I set on the stations? Example: I set it for 10 minutes per station but it is watering for 20 minutes per station instead.


Set Date & Time

Station Run Times

Water Start Times

Select Days to Water