Rain Bird ESP-Me sprinkler timer Starts Over Again

Why does my Rain Bird ESP-Me sprinkler timer run through all my stations, stop and then start watering all over again?


A common reason why a program is repeating is because you have a second start time set. The start times control the exact time your ESP-Me timer will begin to water and they also control how many times a day your timer will water. The ESP-Me allows you to set up to 6 start times per program.

To correct this please follow the steps below:

Step 1
If your sprinklers are running now, then first turn the dial to the off position. The timer should turn off the water now, if it doesn’t you may have a problem with one or all of your sprinkler valves. Please call Love Irrigation at (601) 898-1333 to schedule a service call.


If the water shut off successfully, then you can easily correct the programming by following the steps below:

Step 2
Turn the dial to “Set Watering Start Times”.


Step 3
You will see the 1st start time for Program A. Press the right or the left arrows to toggle between start times and find one of the other start times to turn off.


Step 4
Press the + or – buttons to change the time setting. To turn the start time to “OFF” you will find it between “11:45pm and 12:00am”.


Step 5
Leave the time on off.


Step 6
Repeat steps 3, 4 & 5, check all 6 start times and turn off all of unnecessary start times.

Step 7
Turn the dial back to “Auto Run”.




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