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With an automatic irrigation system, a green, healthy yard can be yours - with little or no upkeep.

Not only will a smartly installed irrigation system save you time, it will actually conserve water. It's far more efficient than watering by hand, so you save money on water bills.

Our Promise To You:
We will help make your yard more beautiful and more enjoyable with quality work at a fair price. We bring the greatest value for your investment by getting your project right the first time, with results that last. You can count on us to be professional, reliable and respectful.  Because we care about what you want, we welcome your questions and communicate openly with you, so that there are no surprises. Your satisfaction is our primary concern, and we work hard to meet your expectations.

We sweat the details more than most. That's how our yards stay so healthy. We use our knowledge of landscape design and water management to place the right amount of water precisely where you need it. We have a 30 year reputation for work that lasts. But, should something need attention or repair, our trusted team is standing by.

  • We use PVC pipe that is 160 PSI.
  • We use schedule 40 PVC fittings.
  • We only use commercial grade sprinkler heads and rotors.
  • All sprinkler heads are installed on swing joints.
  • All control wire from the controller to valves is single strand #14 UF directed burial single strand wire.
  • A waterproof connector is used on all connections.
  • The trenches are gas tampered with a mechanical tamper and raked smooth.
  • We provide a 12 month warranty on workmanship and parts.
  • We install all spray heads with the pressure-compensating feature. The spray heads operate at a psi of 30, which saves you water.
  • All nozzles on spray and rotor heads are matched for precipitation, thus uniform coverage!
  • We provide a one-year warranty on all pumps and pump starters. We recommend winterization on irrigation systems. Freeze damage will void warranty.
  • We repair all brands of irrigation systems.
  • We install drip irrigation.
  • We provide free estimates for installations in the Jackson Metro area.

What to expect during the installation of a sprinkler system.

User Manuals for Irrigation Controllers

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