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Standing Water in the Yard? Drainage Issues?

Is there standing water in your yard that does not seem to go away? Do you have a drainage issue and have no idea where to begin? Standing water in the yard can be a real problem.  It can be very unsightly. Flowers, plants, and grass have a hard time growing. It can lead to foundation problems. Water in…

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Things We Do When Installing a French Drain

We take special care when installing a French Drain in your yard. Before we start we will lay down boards and plywood. Your yard is already wet, so you don’t need a bigger mess! All French drains have a filter cloth sock, wrapped around the pipe. This prevents clogging. Our hand dug drain trench is on average 12″…

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Drainage Problem? You May Need a French Drain?

Are wet areas in your lawn causing it to stay mushy and/or spongy? If so, you may need a French Drain. Here are some questions you can answer to decide if you have a drainage problem: 1. Is there standing water after a rain which takes several days to go away? 2. Do you have dying…

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